Local Area Network

Modbus Plus was originally developed by Schneider and Modicon and is today managed by the Modbus-IDA user organization. It is a global Fieldbus network with its main application area in Europe and in automation systems from Schneider and Modicon. Modbus-Plus connectivity is available for many different products such as PLC's, Inverters, Drives and I/Os. Modbus Plus is a Master/Slave Fieldbus based on RS-485 transmission technology and a token passing protocol for industrial control applications. Networked devices can exchange messages for the control and monitoring of processes at remote locations in the industrial plant.

The network also provides an efficient means for servicing input/output subsystems. Modicon Modbus Plus Distributed I/O (DIO) Drop Adapters and Terminal Block I/O (TIO) modules can be placed at remote I/O sites to allow the application to control field devices over the network link.

Network Type:   Master/Slave Fieldbus based on RS-485 with Token passing
Topology:    Line topology with segments of up to 32 stations
Installation:    Shielded twisted pair cable with 9-pole D-Sub connector.
Cable length per Segment up to 500m extendible with repeaters up to 2.000m.
Speed :    2 Mbit/s
max. Stations :    64
Data:    cyclic I/O and acyclic parameter data
Network Features :    Master/Slave Fieldbus network for Real-Time control applications.
User Organization:   Modbus-IDA User Group

HMS is an active member of the Modbus User organization and provides many certified Modbus products.