BACnet - data communication protocol used with Bulding and HVAC

Connect any device or network to BACnet

With Anybus connectivity solutions, you can:

  • Make your product compatible with BACnet by embedding an Anybus communication module.
  • Create a wireless bridge between two points in a BACnet/IP network.

What is BACnet?
BACnet is a data communication protocol mainly used in the building automation and HVAC industry (Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning).

There are a couple of different serial and Ethernet based-versions of BACnet. The most common serial version is called BACnet MS/TP while the dominant Ethernet version is BACnet/I. Learn more about BACnet techology



  •  How to connect to BACnet

With Anybus, you have several ways of connecting to BACnet

Connect any device to BACnet

Anybus CompactCom BacnetBy embedding an Anybus module into your device, you make your device compatible with BACnet. Once installed, you can simply plug in another Anybus module if you want connectivity to another network.

Anybus CompactCom for BACnet/IP

Connect devices in hard-to-reach locations - Extend your BACnet network wirelessly

Anybus Wireless Bridge - BacnetDo you have devices in moving, hazardous or hard-to-reach locations? Hook them up to your BACnet network wirelessly.

With the Anybus Wireless Bridge you can connect devices up to 1000 meters away with a wireless connection. The connection is established via WLAN or Bluetooth and is configured in a few seconds by simply pressing a button.

Anybus Wireless Bridge