Anybus IT/OT Gateways

 Anybus PROFIBUS to .NET gateway

The Anybus PROFIBUS to .NET gateway enables factory-floor data from PROFIBUS to be presented to .NET applications.

As a .NET programmer, you can get data directly from a PLC system and use this data in applications for statistics, analysis or maintenance.

The gateway can be used with a wide range of use cases, from simple transfer of KPI values, advanced messages with structured data types, or ultra-fast transfer of I/O data for big data.

The information exchange between the Operational Technlogy (OT) side and the Information Technology (IT) side is defined in a spreadsheet template.

The HMS code generator will then automatically create a customized high level C# API (events and Post methods) that is easy to integrate directly into your .NET application. At the same time, a customized GSDML file is created that simplifies the integration in the PLC.

  System for connecting one or multiple PLCs to IT/software systems
  Send and receive data from each side
  Machine / PLC programmer is in full control PLC access via PROFIBUS or Ethernet slave interface
  IT style interface : customized names, receive events and post structured data via C# / .NET interface
  Automated configuration system generates fully customized C# API and PLC configuration (GSDML etc)
  Names and data types according to parameter list agreed between software programmer and PLC programmer
  Configuration is stored in C# program on customer side
  In the event of a replaced gateway hardware, the system will automatically restore the configuration onto the new hardware
  Robust design for optimized cabling, DIN-rail or wall mount options

サイズ:   110 mm x 35 mm x 101 mm
Power Supply:   24 VDC +/- 10%
温度:   -25 to +70°C
消費電流:   Typical 150 mA @ 24 V
ボーレート:   Up to 12 Mbit/s
I/O 入力:   512 bytes
I/O 出力:   512 bytes
保護等級:   IP20
対応機能:   I&M functions
設定方法:   Via an included excell-based configurator
Certifications:   CE, UL, cUL, ATEX and Haz.Loc
Connector:   DSUB9F
Availability:   Q1 2016 - Prototypes available now
注文コード:   AB9071-B