Anybus IT/OT Bridging Gateways

Set up communication between PROFIBUS/PROFINET PLCs and .NET applications in 15 minutes.

HMS introduces new Anybus IT/OT gateways, enabling direct communication between .NET based applications and PROFIBUS/PROFINET systems.

As a user you focus on defining and integrating an information model in your systems while HMS technology handles the communication layer and message protocol.

Systems ProgrammerFor the IT Specialist - .NET Programmer

Significantly reduced integration complexity!

The communication is set up using a straightforward and highly automated 3-step process.

The gateways enable the transfer of structured data types (such as recipes) to and from the PLC and presents the information to the C# programmer as pre-configured events or post methods.

Go to the configuration and documentation microsite in order to learn more about the system.

PLC ProgrammerFor the Automation Specialist - PLC Programmer

Function block simplifies PLC integration!

From the PLC perspective, the gateways are based on HMS station/slaves nodes on the PROFINET/PROFIBUS network. This means that the automation engineer has full control over what the IT side is allowed to do.

To simplify the integration on the PLC side, HMS provides a function block that takes care of heartbeats and data consistency flags “below the hood” for the user.

There is no direct IP connection between the .NET application and the PLC, the gateway only transfers the information to be exchanged but no other traffic.

Application Examples

Transfer a Recipes from a .NET application running on a Windows based server hosted by your IT department to a PLC on the factory floor

In this scenario, the recipe application is a custom-built application that is running on a virtual server that is maintained by the IT department. The gateway makes it simple transfer structured data types from the .NET environment into a PLC.

Send data from a custom-built PC based measurement system into a production PLC

Many production areas have custom built measurement systems developed in the .NET framework. The gateway enables direct transfer of the measurement data from the PC into the PLC. The typical solution today is to implement a simple protocol such as Modbus on both the PC and buy an additional in-rack module on the PLC. HMS gateway allows you to skip this step and integrate data directly in the .NET application and PLC programming environment.

Transfer production KPI parameters from the floor into a real time tracking system

Many production facilities are collecting production KPI data from machines on a weekly basis using USB sticks and Excel sheets. The Anybus gateway makes it simple to send for example OEE or quality data directly into an application for real time KPI monitoring.